about us

we are an activist’s media collective entangled in local social struggles. we are based in frankfurt/main and other cities. our journalistic work is one part of our activism. it is driven by the interest to further strategical debates within the social movements. we do not consider us as an outsider of these movements researching their behavior and objectively analyzing them. on the contrary. we are part of these social movements, we are part of their struggles and part of their debates. we share the goals of these movements. our means – as the malaboca collective – to reach these goals is the pen, paper and recording device.

piedro malaboca approached us as a figure in paco ignacio taibo’s short story „about italians and memories“ and offered us his name. as the cursing antifascist he was part of the garibaldi battalion in the spanish civil war. unfit to handle a gun, his job was to sit in the battle fields dugouts insulting the enemy fascists over a speaker.

with our work, we try to honor this tradition. fuck fascists. viva la revolucion.